Illustrasjonsfoto: Jente i rød sommerkjole som sitter med et pinnsvin i hagen.

World-class sustainability

Work on climate, nature, social conditions and corporate governance is central to our business, investments, products and operations. We are recognised for this work internationally.

Sustainable investments

We have a responsibility to manage our customers' savings and pensions in a way that contributes to sustainable development.

Focus on sustainability in procurement

As a major buyer with a significant annual purchasing volume, Storebrand wants to work with our suppliers towards more sustainable practices. 

Sustainability as an important guideline

Through our own operations and procurement activities, we aim to contribute to sustainable development, and to ensure that human rights and workers’ rights are not infringed.



Sustainability library

Since 2008, sustainability reporting has been an integral part of the annual report and certified by an independent party.

Corporate citizenship

We encourage current and future generations to think and act sustainably.