Here you will find information about how, as an institutional investor, you can trade funds with us. You can also find other relevant information related to fund trading.

How to trade

Institutional clients trade funds by submitting order forms to fax number (+47) 23 31 71 12 or

Important assumptions

The cut-off for trading is at 15:00 if the trade is to be carried out on the same day. Subscription also requires that the settlement is received (value-dated) on our settlement account.

International tax reporting (FATCA and CRS)

Storebrand is required to obtain a self-declaration when creating new accounts with mandatory reporting. This is subject to the agreement that Norway has signed with both the USA (through the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act — FATCA) and the OECD member states (through the Common Reporting Standard — CRS). The purpose is to obtain information to determine whether our clients have tax liability in countries other than Norway. This means that Storebrand and other Norwegian financial institutions are required to identify clients with tax liability in countries other than Norway and to provide the account information to the Norwegian tax authorities, who will pass the data on to the other countries' tax authorities. Read more about FATCA and CRS at

For institutional clients:

You are welcome to contact us

Are you an institutional investor and do you have questions about our funds? Please contact us.


A fund having performed well in the past is no guarantee for future returns. Other factors with an impact on how a fund may perform in the future include market developments, the fund manager's performance, the fund's risk profile, and management fees. When the shares a fund is invested in decline in value, it may lead to negative returns.