Guidelines for Sustainability

Work on climate, nature, social conditions and corporate governance is central to our business, investments, products and operations. Our sustainability principles, guidelines and reporting systems governs this practice.

Guiding principles

Storebrand has signed the UN principles for responsible companies, the Global Compact, and these principles act as a basis for our guidelines for sustainability. We support the UN Human Rights Conventions, the UN Environment Conventions, the ILO Core Conventions and the UN Convention Against Corruption. We have signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI), and both these initiatives are guiding stars for our activities.

In addition, Storebrand has sustainability principles that sum up how sustainability is an integral part of our business. The principles were updated in 2018 and encompass all parts of Storebrand’s activities, including investments, product development, procurement, employee follow-up and internal operations.

The principles are: 

  • We base our business activities on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We help our customers to live more sustainably. We do this by managing our customers’ money in a sustainable manner, in addition to providing financing and insurance that reward sustainability.
  • We are a responsible employer.
  • Our processes and decisions are based on sustainability – from the Board and management, who have the ultimate responsibility, to each employee who promotes sustainability in their own area.
  • We collaborate to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals with our customers, suppliers, the authorities and partners.
  • We are transparent about our work and our sustainability results.

Guidelines for Sustainable Investments

In addition to Storebrand Sustainable Investment policy, we have established our own benchmark for sustainable investments: "The Storebrand Standard". This policy describes what kind of companies we do not wish to invest in, and is approved by the corporate executive management of Storebrand ASA. 

Guidelines for Sustainable Operations and Compliance

Guidelines for Sustainable Operations and Compliance are available in our Sustainability Library.

Sustainability Reports

Storebrand has produced environmental reports since 1995 and sustainability reports based on the Triple Bottom Line (finance, social responsibility and the environment) since 1999. Since 2008, sustainability reporting has been integrated into our annual report and audited by third parties. Please visit our Sustainability Library for the latest reports.