Corporate Citizenship

When taking care of pensions and long-term savings for approximately 2 million people, we have a significant corporate responsibility. As a leading player in the Nordic market, Storebrand wants to make a positive impact on society.

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Our corporate citizenship

We focus on sharing our knowledge, educating and supporting businesses, projects and initiatives that work to meet the UN's sustainability goals, create awareness of the importance of sustainable thinking, and demonstrate the link between sustainability and profitability. Since 2008, sustainability reporting has been an integral part of our annual report, and certified by an independent party.

Focus areas

We prioritize our activities in three areas: Cooperation and sponsorship, financial support and employee volunteerism. 

Collaboration: Youth Entrepreneurship (YE) 

  • Together with Young Entrepreneurs (YE), Storebrand aims to inspire young people to innovative thinking and sustainable value creation 
  • Youth Entrepreneurship (YE) is an ideal, nationwide organization that in cooperation with Norwegian education system and Norwegian business companies, runs an annual entrepreneur program for high school students.
  • With Storebrand's YE Sustainability Award the ambition is to teach young people how to run a sustainable business and why sustainability should be an integral part of any business.

Sponsorships: "We cheer for"-competition 

  • The "We cheer for"- competition looks to support environmental, social, educational, or health related projects and initiatives.
  • Applications can be submitted twice a year, and a jury consisting of Storebrand employees, select the winning applicants.
  • The jury is especially looking for projects and initiative that are working specifically to solve one or more of the UN's sustainability goals at local and national level. 

Employee volunteering: Catalyst mentor programme 

  • The objective of the Catalyst mentor programme is to prevent students from dropping out of high school through inclusion in the local community.
  • Storebrand employees are invited to volunteer as mentors for students with a minority background on a one- to-one basis.
  • Through monthly meetings at Storebrand, using a strength-based learning methodology (Appreciative Enquiry), the students get insight to Norwegian working life in addition to advice on school work and personal development. 

World-class sustainability

Work on climate, nature, social conditions and corporate governance is central to our business, investments, products and operations. We are recognised for this work internationally.

Sustainability Library

Storebrand's latest sustainability reports, guidelines, policies, and other documents related to our reporting systems.