Security and privacy

Storebrand is dedicated to protect your personal data and personal privacy. Your information shall be safe with us. This includes all information that can be used to identify you personally, such as your national identity number, contact information and information regarding the products you have purchased from Storebrand.

Kvinne som sitter foran en datamaskin.

How we handle your personal data

We collect and use personal data for different purposes, and with different objectives.

Your information, your decision

On your personal page you can mange privacy settings, get an overview of what you have agreed to and decide how you want us to contact you. Read more about how to get access and help for login

Secure communication

We will never ask you to send sensitive personal information or birth number (11 digits) by regular email.

Log in to your personal pages at and send us a message from there. Then you are sure that the information will not go astray.