Pioneering Sustainable Investment

We manage more than NOK 921 billion for 1.1 million Norwegians, which makes us Norway's second largest asset manager after the Norwegian Oil Fund. Our method of investing our funds in sustainable companies is unique.

Active Ownership

We exert influence by challenging companies to be more proactive about their sustainability practices and development.

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Excluded companies are removed from Storebrand’s investment universe, an investment ecosystem that consists of over 4,000 companies.

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We increase our investments in companies that contribute with solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Solutions and Sustainability Score

«We regard sustainability as a significant driver of corporate value»

Companies that manage current and future environmental and social opportunities and risks will emerge as leaders and are more likely to create a competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value.

– Jan Erik Saugestad, CEO, Storebrand AM

House View

We fundamentally believe that investing in companies well positioned to deliver on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will deliver better risk-adjusted long-term returns for our clients.

Deforestation policy

This policy defines our minimum standard for investment and outlines the objectives of our engagement with the sector. We encourage higher standards and collaborate with other investors to help companies to improve. Storebrand's deforestation policy lays out what we expect of companies regarding their disclosure and management of deforestation risks. Read more