NSA Provident Fund

The NSA Provident Fund was established April 1st 1992 by the collective agreement between Norwegian Shipowner's Association and AMOSUP for the benefit of Filipino seafarers serving on board vessels registered with NIS.

50 000 members

More than 50 000 Filipino seamen and officers are members of the NSA Provident Fund. The employers pay contributions into the fund on behalf of the members.

The Provident Fund provides a lump sum cash payment at retirement age (50), disablement or death.

Entry of Fund


All contributions are paid to the fund by your employer for the time you're onboard a vessel participating in the fund. Contributions are paid quarterly in arrears (USD 80 per month for Officers and USD 50 per month Ratings).

Membership Letters

When you enter the fund and your employer has paid the first contribution for you, Storebrand issues a Membership Letter for you that will be sent to your employer who will forward it to you.

The membership number must be referred to in all communication with Storebrand. Please also give your membership number to your beneficiaries and ask them to keep it confidential. This will help when making a claim, especially in case of death claims.

Statement of Account

In May each year, Storebrand sends annual statements of account to your most recent employer or manning agent who will forward it to you. The statement shows the balance of your account and the contributions paid for the previous year.

Termination of Service

If you terminate service on board a participating vessel, you will remain a member of the Provident Fund for your vested rights until reaching retirement age of 50 years (or later termination as agreed by the employer), or earlier death.

Entitlements in the Fund

For service on a participating vessel after 1. January 1996, all members are entitled to 100 per cent of paid contributions.  

Claim for Entitlements in the Fund

Storebrand will evaluate the received claim and documentation. Once your claim has been approved, settlement will be made to your bank account.

Transferring money to a bank account is the quickest and most secure method of settlement, and we would stress the importance of providing your bank account number. Alternatively, a cheque can be issued.

Please note that claims are paid on a quarterly basis according to the Fund agreement. The handling of the claim therefore takes approximately six months.

Retirement Benefits

In order to be entitled to receive your retirement benefits you have to be 50 years old and fully retired, which means that your employer is no longer paying contributions on your behalf into the Fund.

To receive the benefit, you will have to submit:

  • completed Claims Form
  • certified copy of your birth certificate
  • copy of your Norwegian Seaman's documentation book (i.e. Fartsoppgave — attesting to working periods in which you served onboard NSA vessels)
  • copy of your Provident Fund Membership Letter or Membership Card

Disability Benefits

In order to be entitled to disability benefits, the disablement must have occurred as a result of disease or injury whilst in service on a participating vessel.

Payment will be made provided the disability is:

  • permanent
  • caused by an occupational injury or disease
  • certified by a doctor approved by Norwegian authorities

If the disability is proved to be permanent, payment will be made upon receipt of all required and approved documentation.

To receive the benefits, you will have to submit:

  • completed claims form
  • certified copy of your birth certificate
  • copy of your Norwegian Seaman's documentation book (Fartsoppgave)
  • copy of your Provident Fund Membership Letter or Membership Card
  • copy of a medical certificate proving your permanent disability
  • evidence if you have received compensation in accordance with the Norwegian Shipping Association's Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Death Benefits

In the event of death, your money will be paid to your beneficiary/-ies.

Your beneficiary/-ies are:

  • the legal spouse. If you have no spouse then,
  • your children. Should you have no children then,
  • your parents
  • persons appointed by you

To receive the benefits, you will have to submit:

  • completed claims form
  • certified copy of the late member's birth certificate
  • certified copy of personal identification papers (marriage certificate in case of spouse, otherwise birth certificate)
  • certified copy of death certificate
  • copy of Provident Fund Membership Letter or Membership Card

Claim Form — important

Due to a new General Data Protection Regulation law with an enforcement date of May 25, 2018, Storebrand will  no longer be able to receive e-mails containing any kind of personal data or information, nor documents containing personal data or information. Storebrand cannot guarantee that messages sent via regular, unsecured e-mail over the internet will not be known to others. This applies to both subject field, text and any attachments. The documents must be sent to Storebrand by ordinary post as hard copy.

Please send all claim documents to the following address:

Storebrand Pensjonstjenester AS
Provident Fund
Attn.: Nina M. Bølge
Professor Kohts vei 9
PO Box 455
1327 Lysaker, Norway

Contact us

Nina M. Bølge

Mobile: +47 934 99 759

Email: provident.fund@storebrand.no