Observation list

We are dedicated to using our position to influence companies in a direction we believe is sustainable. In some cases, where we suspect violation of our policies, it may be beneficial to follow a company over time in order to increase the information available. Likewise, there may also be cases where we see a company is working on corrective action, but such measures have yet to be fully implemented or verifiable. In such cases, we will place the company on an observation list, associated with specific restrictions, to allow for more time to gather the necessary information and influence company direction.

Companies that are under observation will be closely monitored and engaged with based on our existing ownership, and we will maintain a close dialogue with the company where we inform them of our expectations of measures and results. We expect the company to show improvement within a pre-determined time. Depending on the outcome, the company will either be excluded from our investment universe or it will be removed from the observation list.

While companies are present on the observation list, portfolios without prior holdings will be restricted from investing in the said companies. Portfolios with prior positions will be allowed to maintain these positions. However, the maximum portfolio weight will be limited to 1.2 times the original position as defined by portfolio weight from the date of observation status.

A fund having performed well in the past is no guarantee for future returns. Other factors with an impact on how a fund may perform in the future include market developments, the fund manager's performance, the fund's risk profile, and management fees. When the shares a fund is invested in decline in value, it may lead to negative returns.