Environment-oriented Property Management

Integration of the environment and sustainability in the ongoing operation of the properties includes:

1. Environmentally-efficient operation:

  • systematic work on specific objectives, action plans and regular monitoring of key environmental aspects – for each property
  • reduced energy consumption by 26% in the last five years (2012-2018)
  • reduced water consumption by 26% in the last five years
  • fossil-free energy supply

The climate and energy accounts can be found in the section with reports.

2. Cooperation with tenants regarding goals and initiatives, also called a "Green lease agreement"

3. Supplier collaboration: We demand a high standard of sustainability from our suppliers – both in products and solutions

Storebrand has engaged in various academic and industry-oriented stakeholder communities in order to ensure a sustainable development of the real estate industry, as well as good framework conditions:

  • Established the Green Building Alliance and the Norwegian Green Building Council
  • Sponsors and supports the development of BREEAM NOR

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