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Notifications about our funds

21.12.2020 Reduced management fee from 1 January 2021

Effective as of turn of the year, the management fee for selected mutual funds is reduced as stated in the table below. You can find further information about the funds at here.

ISIN Name (shareclass) Currency Fixed mgmt fee as of 1.1.2021 Variable mgmt fee as of 1.1.2021 Current mgmt fee (to be replaced)
NO0010039712 Delphi Europe A NOK 1,50 % n.a. 2,00 %
NO0010317282 Delphi Global A NOK 1,50 % +/- 1,50 % 2,00 % and+/- 2,00 %
NO0010817380 Delphi Global A2 SEK 1,50 % n.a. 2,00 %
NO0010817406 Delphi Global A3 EUR 1,50 % n.a. 2,00 %
NO0010776362 Delphi Global Valutasikret NOK 1,55 % +/- 1,50 % 2,02 % and+/- 2,00 %
NO0010039696 Delphi Kombinasjon A NOK 1,00 % n.a. 1,25 %
NO0010039670 Delphi Nordic A NOK 1,50 % n.a. 2,00 %
NO0010039688 Delphi Norge A NOK 1,50 % n.a. 2,00 %
NO0008000841 Storebrand Vekst A NOK 1,50 % n.a. 2,00 %
NO0010817828 Storebrand Vekst N NOK 1,00 % n.a. 1,50 %
NO0008000999 Storebrand Verdi A NOK 1,50 % n.a. 2,00 %

09.12.2020 Reduced management fee for Delphi Global

Effective as at 1 January 2021, the annual management fee is reduced for share classes A, A2 (SEK), A3 (EUR) and A4 (USD) to 1.5 per cent p.a. (from 2 percent). In share class A, the limit for variable fees (performance fee) is also reduced to +/- 1.5 per cent (from 2 per cent) so that the total management fee in share class A is reduced to the interval 0-3 per cent (from 0-4 per cent). The amendments include section 7 of the articles of association (attached below), and have been approved by the Norwegain FSA (Finanstilsynet).

20.11.2020 Unitholders gave approval to the introduction of swing pricing

At the unitholders' meeting, held on 19 November, a qualified majority of unitholders agreed to the proposed changes to the fund's articles of association to introduce swing pricing. On this basis, the Management Company will apply to the Norwegian FSA (Finanstilsynet) for an amendment to the fund's articles of association. Attached are the minutes from the unitholders' meeting.

11.11.2020 Approved articles of association

The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway has approved our application for amendments to the articles of association for the mutual funds Storebrand Norge and Storebrand Norge Fossilfri. The changes involve an adjustment of management fees for the funds' distribution classes (N-classes) from 0.75 per cent p.a. to 1 percent p.a. The changes will take effect from 18 November, at the same time as the share classes are opened for trading.

22.10.2020 Unit holders' meeting 19 November

The management company proposes changes to the articles of association for all funds, in order to introduce swing pricing, and will therefore hold a unit holders' meeting on 19 November. See relevant information in the letters below.

25.09.2020 Approved articles of association

The Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet) has approved the application, dated 8 July, for amendments to the articles of association and name changes for Storebrand Fremtid 50 (formerly Storebrand Kombinasjon) and Storebrand Fremtid 100 (formerly Storebrand AksjeSpar). The changes are effective as at 23 October 2020.

Finanstilsynet has also approved the application for the establishment of new share classes for Storebrand Global ESG Plus. The changes have been implemented.

03.09.2020 Approved Articles of Association

The Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) has approved our applications to make amendments to the Articles of Association for six securities funds. The funds involved are:

Storebrand Global Indeks Valutasikret → reduced management fees 
Storebrand Global Multifaktor Valutasikret → reduced management fees
Storebrand Global ESG Plus → new share class
Storebrand Global Solutions → new share class
Storebrand Høyrente → name change to Storebrand Kort Kreditt IG (effective as at 23 Oct 2020)
Storebrand Rente+ → name change to Storebrand Kreditt (effective as at 23 Oct 2020)
Storebrand Rente+ → change of benchmark index (effective as at 23 Oct 2020)

17.06.2020 Unitholders' meeting

The management company proposes amendments to the Article of Association of Storebrand AksjeSpar and Storebrand Kombinasjon and therefore holds a unitholders' meeting on 7 July.

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    02.04.2020 Trading deadline

    Wednesday, 8th of April, the deadline for trading in the Storebrand and Delphi funds is 12 (noon). Order forms must be received by 12 (noon) for same-day processing. The reason for the earlier deadline is that the Oslo Stock Exchange will close at 13.00 on the 8th of April.



    • Information on capital requirements and risk management (SJEKK)
    • General terms and conditions (SJEKK)
    • Best Execution Policy

    Remuneration to employees of the management company

    The Storebrand Asset Management employees' remuneration scheme consists of a fixed salary element and a variable remuneration element that is linked to their role and responsibilities. The scheme safeguards the requirements arising from §2.16 of the Securities Fund Act and the regulations of the Securities Fund Act, Chapter 2, part X1.

    Fixed salary

    The level of fixed salary to employees shall be based on the individual's background and experience, and the salary level for the position category shall be based on market salary. The fixed salary shall be sufficiently high so that the employee is not dependent on the variable remuneration.

    Variable remuneration

    Variable remuneration in Storebrand Asset Management consists mainly of two different bonus models. One applies to managers and investment advisors (the Manager Model) and the other applies to employees who are included in the group's bonus model (the Main Scheme).

    Leading employees and employees who influence the company's risk receive only fixed pay and are allocated no form of variable remuneration. The same applies to employees with independent control responsibilities.

    • Manager model: The financing of bonuses is rooted in the unit's value creation and an upper limit per employee is defined for the earned bonus for a year. Bonus awards are based on a comprehensive assessment of the results of the team and of individual employees, including the relative returns achieved, where relevant. As a rule, half of the bonus will be withheld and paid out gradually over a three year period. The retained portion is placed in the funds managed by the company. The retained portion shall be reduced if the result developments or subsequent results of the company dictate this.
    • The Main Scheme: Other Storebrand Asset Management employees are included in the group's main scheme, which means that bonuses are awarded to employees with particularly good performances. There are separate guidelines for how many of the employees are awarded a bonus each year. Awarded bonus are paid out in the following year.

    Board members receive only fixed remuneration for their directorships.

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