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As Norway's largest private asset manager, we have a special responsibility to switch the funds we manage in a more sustainable direction.

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Jørgen Hjemdal
Storebrand Asset Management

«We regard sustainability as a significant driver of corporate value.»

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Matthew Smith
Storebrand Asset Management

Storebrand committed to act in support of the Investor Statement on Coronavirus Response

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Storebrand Global ESG Plus

– The Core Equity Holding for Climate Aware Investors

  • A fossil free, low tracking error, global equity fund investing in developed markets.
  • Optimised to prevent overweighting of other heavy polluters by tilting the portfolio towards high ESG and low carbon footprint companies.
  • Allocates 5-10% of portfolio to climate solutions companies.

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Storebrand’s multi-boutique

In order to provide optimal portfolio solutions, Delphi Fonder, SKAGEN, SPP Fonder and Cubera complement our product range in the areas of shares, interest rates and private equity. With a multi-boutique, we also achieve economies of scale in an efficient way.

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«The House has a View»

A short film in three parts
Along with some of the world's most prominent influencers, Storebrand explains why sustainability is a natural part of the company's DNA.

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