Sustainable procurement

Storebrand has a significant annual purchasing volume and we see this as an opportunity to drive change and increase the emphasis sustainability is given in the market. Through mapping, follow-up and clear climate goals for our suppliers, we work actively to ensure a reduction in carbon emissions in the real economy.

From sustainable to climate neutral 

Storebrand has for a long time had several minimum requirements for our suppliers with regards to sustainability, and weighted sustainability at least 20% in our tender processes. With a new framework for follow-up and evaluation of suppliers, our goal is that all our suppliers will be climate neutral by 2025.

Mapping suppliers

To get an overview of how good our suppliers are when it comes to sustainability, we are now mapping all suppliers with annual sales volume to Storebrand of more than 1 million NOK, through a questionnaire divided into the following main areas:

  • How sustainability is integrated into suppliers' strategies
  • Environmental performance over time and targets
  • Diversity performance over time and targets
  • Environmental, quality and management systems
  • To measure progress, annual reporting on sustainability will be effective from 2020.

An extended set of questions is also used to evaluate suppliers in purchasing processes. Below you will find the questions we ask in purchasing processes, and how we have answered these questions ourselves.

Our approach

Our approach focuses on collaboration for continuous improvement when it comes to sustainability, defined by the questions we ask suppliers and partners.

We select

Sustainability is weighted at least at least 20% in our tender processes. Through the supplier mapping and evaluation, we give an advantage to suppliers that perform well on sustainability.

We work actively to influence

We use our position as a major buyer to influence suppliers and business partners for improvement. We do this both when we consider entering into new agreements and evaluating existing ones.

We exclude

Storebrand shall not choose vendors, products or services that are in violation of international agreements, national regulations or internal policies. This is described in our sourcing principles.

Share your opinion!

Do you have input to the questionnaire and how we map our suppliers?

Climate neutral by 2025

What do we expect?

What we want to achieve is a real-world reduction in carbon emissions from our suppliers. Hence, we encourage our suppliers to:

  • Measure their greenhouse gas emissions - also called the carbon footprint
  • Set verifiable emission reduction targets
  • Reduce emissions as much as possible through their own actions
  • Compensate for the emissions that cannot be currently avoided

Climate goals

We have set three specific goals for our suppliers and business partners:

  • By 2025, the goal is that all suppliers have set short- and medium-term verifiable emission reduction targets
  • By 2025, the goal is that all suppliers will be climate neutral
  • By 2030, the goal is that the entire value chain for our deliveries will be climate neutral