Paid-up policies

A paid-up policy is the accumulated pension you have from a former employer. You may also have a paid-up policy if your current employer has converted to a different pension saving scheme for its employees.

Paid-up policies from other companies cannot be moved to Storebrand.


What is a paid-up policy?

  • A paid-up policy is pension savings from a defined benefit pension scheme from previous employers.
  • Paid-up policies give you a guaranteed payout as a pensioner.
  • For most paid-up policies, the gross guaranteed return today is between 2 and 4 percent.
  • The money is paid out as part of your total pension.
  • The money is mainly invested in interest rates and bonds.
  • Paid-up policies may include insurance coverage for disability, children's or survivor's pensions.


Check your options

A paid-up policy includes a guaranteed return plan which obliges us to manage your long-term investments in a short-term manner. This usually entails lower returns and hence a lower pension.

You may influence your dividend by converting to a plan with investment options.

Paid-up policies with investment options