Hybrid pension — for employees

Hybrid pension is a new pension scheme that combines elements from a traditional defined contribution pension plan and a defined benefit pension plan with an individual retirement savings account to which the employee and employer contribute money.

What is hybrid pension?

  • If you are over 13 years old you are part of your employer's hybrid pension scheme.

  • The employer pays an annual pension contribution of your salary to the pension plan. The annual contribution is slightly higher for women than for men. This is because women have a higher life expectancy than men, thus involving a larger pension holding for female employees.

  • You can start payout from the age of 62. The pension payout is usually lifelong.

  • The payout depends on the investment selection your employer has chosen for the pension scheme.

  • If you die before all the pension money has been paid out, what is left will be transferred to the insurance community and not to your surviving relatives.

Investment selection or guarantee

The company can choose between a hybrid pension scheme with investment options or a hybrid pension scheme with a guaranteed return.

In an investment option scheme, the individual employee can influence how the pension assets are invested.

In a hybrid pension with a guarantee, the pension assets are placed in a specific pension profile hedged against negative value development.

Not sure about your pension portfolio?

We have made a web application that collects all your pension schemes in one place. Log in and get a full overview of your pension assets.