The Storebrand share

Shares in Storebrand ASA are quoted on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) with the ticker code STB.

About the Storebrand share

The Board continually assesses the company's solvency ratio requirement in the light of the company's goals, strategy and risk profile. The Board has prepared a clear and predictable dividend policy. The Annual General Meeting (the "AGM") determines the annual dividend, based on a proposal from the Board.

Storebrand ASA has only one class of shares, and under Norwegian regulations shareholders may not carry over votes from one matter in order to obtain more for another (cumulative voting).

All shares have equal rights and are freely negotiable with the exception of shares purchased by employees at a reduced price. The Articles of Association contain no restrictions concerning negotiability.

Storebrand ASA is one of the largest companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange by number of shareholders.

Shareholder register

As of 30.05.2024: 


Fund managerTotal percent
Folketrygdfondet10.25 %
T Rowe Price Global Investments6.29 %
Vanguard Group4.88 %
Storebrand ASA4,80 %
Allianz Global Investors4,12 %
DNB Asset Management3,44 %
Storebrand Asset Management2,97 %
Alfred Berg2,94 %
KLP2,43 %
BlackRock2,24 %
Total 20 largest shareholders56.72 %

Equity analysts following Storebrand


ABG Sundal CollierJan Erik Gjerland+47 220 16 116
AlphaValueTommaso Nieddu+33 1 70 61 10 66
ArcticRoy Tilley+47 484 03 224
BerenbergTryfonas Spyrou+44 203 753 3058
BofADavid Barma+44 735 424 8822
CarnegieJohan Ström+47 934 09 352
Danske BankHans Rettedal Christiansen+47 85 40 70 73
DNB MarketsHåkon Astrup+47 948 50 243
JefferiesPhilip Kett+44 20 7548 4126
Keefe Bruyette & WoodsMichele Ballatore+44 207 663 5286
Kepler CheuvreuxPeter Eliot+44 207 621 5146
NordeaUlrik Årdal Zürcher+47 240 10 276
Pareto SecuritiesVegard Toverud+47 986 69 533
SEBThomas Svendsen+47 948 07 949

Dividend policy

The Board of Directors ambition is to pay ordinary dividends per share of at least the same nominal amount as the previous year. Ordinary dividends are subject to a sustainable solvency margin of above 150%. If the solvency margin is above 175%, the Board of Directors intends to propose special dividends or share buy bac


AGM decision datePayment dateDividend per share (NOK)
04.04.2024from 16.04.20244.10
13.04.2023from 25.04.20233.70
2012–2016 0.00
2009–2010 0.00
29.04.2003 0.00
24.04.2002 0.00
1995–1999 0.00
1993 0.00

Issued shares

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Share capitalLotNumber of sharesShare capital NOK mill.Foreign ownership (%)
11.08.2023 465,497,8662,33050.3
31.12.2021 471,974,8902,36050.1
30.09.2021 471,974,8902,36052.8
31.12.2020 467,813,9822,33956.6
31.12.2019 467,813,9822,33956.2
31.12.2018 467,813,9822,33957.4
31.12.2017 467,813,9822,33955.6
31.12.2016 449,909,8912,24956.8
31.12.2015 449,909,8912,24964.5
31.12.2014 449,909,8912,24953,7
31.12.2013 449,909,8912,24954.0
31.12.2012 449,909,8912,24950.0
31.12.2011 449,909,8912,24955.0
31.12.2010 449,909,8912,24940.7
31.12.2009 449,909,8912,24951.5


* 100 million preference shares of NOK 500 million in share capital redeemed 13 May 1998.
** Storebrand ASA's share capital reduced through cancelling of 19 655 637 own shares.
*** Storebrand ASA's share capital reduced through cancelling of 8 707 140 own shares.
**** Rights offering after acquisition of SPP

Legal Information

Storebrand ASA is a financial institution subject to the Norwegian Act on Financing Activity and Financial Institutions (the Financial Institutions Act). The Financial Institutions Act contains certain provisions regarding, amongst other things, ownership structure and acquisition of holdings in a financial institution.

The acquisition of qualifying holdings in a financial institution requires prior notification to and authorization given by Norwegian regulatory authority pursuant to an assessment of fitness and propriety of the aquirer, cf. the Financial Institutions Act § § 2-2 — 2-5.

A qualifying holding means a holding which represents 10 percent of more of the capital or voting rights in a financial institution, or which makes it possible to exercise significant influence on the management of the institution and its business.

The Act can be found on the following webpage:

IR Policy


Investor Relations (IR) works to ensure that owners, potential investors and other financial market stakeholders simultaneously receive correct, concise, relevant and holistic information about Storebrand. A frequent and reliable dialogue with shareholders and analysts, both in Norway and abroad, is a priority for Storebrand.

We comply with the Oslo Stock Exchange Code of Practice for IR of April  2017. Please visit for more information.



Storebrand's communication with market participants will be based on transparency, and will comply with the obligation regarding equal treatment of all stakeholders.

All price sensitive information will be distributed simultaneously to all market participants. This implies that such information will be distributed through the Oslo Stock Exchange, Storebrand's IR web site and our IR mailing lists. When relevant, press releases from Storebrand's Information department will also be distributed to investors.

To ensure that all market participants have the same information during the Oslo Stock Exchange opening hours, we will to the extent possible release price sensitive information when the Oslo Stock Exchange is closed.

Our guidelines for scheduled reporting as well as various meetings and other forms of communication with market participants are specified below.

Results reporting

In relation with quarterly results reporting, there will be held presentations open to all stakeholders e.g. investors and analysts. The presentations will be webcasted on Storebrand's IR web site.

Quarterly reports will normally be publicized within 45 days after the end of the quarter. The reporting schedule is specified in the financial calendar, which is available on Storebrand's IR web site.

Analyst consensus estimates will be made available on Storebrand's IR web pages, with a disclaimer stating that Storebrand does not endorse the estimates.

Web, telephone and e-mail

Our Investor Relations web site ( will be continuously updated and contain extensive new and historical information, relevant to investors and analysts. We will respond promptly to all phone and e-mail enquiries during office hours. When required we will also give due response after normal office hours.

Investor-, analyst- and press meetings

In addition to quarterly results presentations, Storebrand will conduct meetings with investors, analysts and the media on request. Storebrand's IR staff will be available on short notice. Storebrand Investor Relations will seek to include senior management in these meetings whenever possible.

Our admission to provide information about Storebrand to single parties, such as individual investors and analysts, is limited by the continuing obligations of stock exchange listed companies, specifically those regarding good stock exchange practice and equal treatment.

Capital Markets Day

We will arrange a Capital Markets Day biannually.