The Mine penger app provides an overview

Mine penger collects your savings and pension assets and gives you a full overview - easy and understandable.

Download Mine penger for free for iPhone and Android. You do not have to be a Storebrand customer to use the app.

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See your savings

We collect information about your savings accounts and pension agreements and show you how much money you have saved in a clear and understandable way.

Discover your pension

We retrieve your pension agreements and show their current value and what you can expect to live on in later years. 

Calculating what you can expect to receive in retirement is easy. Thus, you can see how much you should save to get the life you want on the day you retire.

Let your savings grow

It's easy to get started, regardless of whether you are saving for something you want in the future, or just want a little extra money.

We help you save more, and give advice on how to optimize your savings.