Use of personal information and cookies

Personal information

Storebrand holds a licence to process personal data and processes all data in compliance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act. The data is collected from customers, their representatives, public registers and credit information registers. The data is registered so that Storebrand can provide its services to customers and provide advice on, and market, its own products.

Storebrand is subject to a duty of confidentiality regarding customer data. However, customer data may be passed to a third party with the consent of the customer and in those cases where Storebrand is obliged by law to hand over such data.

Liability in the event of errors, omissions and inaccessibility

Storebrand believes the information on its webpages is reliable, but nevertheless cannot guarantee that the information is at all times correct, complete or accessible. Storebrand thus disclaims any liability for errors or omissions on these webpages. Storebrand emphasises that the webpages and all the information on them are solely intended for users
in Norway unless otherwise expressly stated.

Intellectual property law

Storebrand owns all the intellectual property rights relating to the webpages. No unauthorised use of the webpages or their contents is permitted.


Storebrand accepts no responsibility for materials that are produced or published by third parties, even if Storebrand's webpages contain links to such webpages. Third parties are responsible for ensuring that the information published on their webpages complies with the law and regulations.


Storebrand also uses email as a channel for communicating with its customers. However, we would like to stress that we never ask for sensitive, personal or confidential information in an email. We cannot guarantee that messages sent in an email via the Internet will not become known to others. We therefore recommend that you do not send sensitive information in a normal email.

Cookies and analysis tools

Storebrand uses cookies on its webpages to ensure the reliability of our visitor statistics and to improve the functionality of our webpages. In some cases we may also use cookies in connection with the marketing of our products and services. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard disk by the webpages you visit.

Storebrand uses the analysis tool Google Analytics to collect data about the number of visitors to our webpages, which pages are visited and similar information. This information is used to analyse the use of our webpages and improve their quality. The information collected does not contain identifiable personal data.

The links below can be used by users who do not wish to share this type of anonymous data with Storebrand.
Follow this link to prevent your anonymous data being used by Google Analytics.